City of Cannon Beach Parking Studies

March, 2017–Present

Like many coastal communities, the City of Cannon Beach, Oregon, experiences a significant influx of parking demand during the warmer months, with particularly high demand during weekends in the summer. Seasonal parking demand can be challenging for cities to manage since the inconsistent demand over the course of the year typically precludes construction of new facilities, so it’s crucial to maximize existing parking resources.

StreetLab is currently working with the City of Cannon Beach to analyze parking supply and demand during the City’s busiest periods, with the the goal of encouraging beach-goers and other longer-duration stays to use nearby free, public parking lots, freeing parking along Hemlock Street for use by those patronizing the corridor’s businesses. This will increase the ease with which all visitors can find parking, and improve safety and the pedestrian environment by greatly reducing cruising for parking.