Northwest Portland Parking Studies


Northwest Portland is one of the vibrant districts of the city, with a robust mix of residential, commercial, and employment uses. Along with the high density of the district and limited off-street parking resources, this creates a unique set of challenges for effectively managing the on-street parking supply.

In 2016, the City implemented several management updates within the district, including expansion of the permitted parking zone to a wider share of the district, adding metered parking along the 21st Avenue and 23rd Avenue commercial corridors, and implementing hybrid meter/permit districts in the residential and employment areas with the greatest congestion. StreetLab conducted a comprehensive before-and-after study to explore the effects of these changes, collecting and analyzing data on supply, occupancy, and turnover for a 600-block face study area. A key piece of the analysis includes an exploration of permit usage, providing insights upon how many permits to sell and at what price points. This project also includes a robust study of loading zone utilization throughout the district.

When thinking about parking, it’s often helpful to visualize occupancy patterns geographically and temporally. The animated map below shows how parking was observed to very over the course of the day in the district prior to implementation of new measures.