Uptown Charlotte, NC Parking Supply and Demand Inventory


Uptown Charlotte is one of the fastest growing urban cores in the nation, yet it maintains some of the lowest meter rates in the country at $1 per hour. The city is currently beginning efforts to improve management of parking, and Lancaster worked with Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) to conduct a detailed analysis of parking supply and demand, looking at the impacts of current parking management strategies on utilization. Uptown contains a diverse mix of land uses, including several global financial institutions, a large retail and entertainment district, a government district, and several distinct residential districts. Lancaster worked closely with CDOT to explore how parking utilization varies relative to these contexts, and to determine a potential set of management strategies that can meaningfully improve parking operations while being palatable to a diverse group of stakeholders.

The map below shows how parking occupancy varies in Uptown over the course of a Saturday. The high on-street parking demand throughout the central business district perhaps suggests an opportunity for improving management: Though our analysis found this to be the busiest day of the week, there is no charge for on-Street parking on Saturdays!