• City of Cannon Beach Parking Studies

    March, 2017–Present Like many coastal communities, the City of Cannon Beach, Oregon, experiences a significant influx of parking demand during the warmer months, with particularly high demand during weekends in the summer. Seasonal parking demand can be challenging for cities to manage since the inconsistent demand over the course of the year typically precludes construction […]

  • City of Newport Parking Management Plan

    2016–2017 The City of Newport has several unique characteristics that make managing parking a challenge. Because Newport is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon, parking demand throughout the City can vary significantly on a seasonal basis, and the presence of a robust fishing industry as well as the needs of locals mean […]

  • Portland Taxi/Transportation Network Company Market Analysis

    2016–2017 The emergence of transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft has drastically changed the private-for-hire market in cities. The impacts to Portland have been particularly acute. Prior to the arrival of TNCs, Portland had one of the most tightly regulated taxi markets in the nation, with only 460 permitted taxicabs as recently as February 2015. […]

  • Northwest Portland Parking Studies

    2015–2017 Northwest Portland is one of the vibrant districts of the city, with a robust mix of residential, commercial, and employment uses. Along with the high density of the district and limited off-street parking resources, this creates a unique set of challenges for effectively managing the on-street parking supply. In 2016, the City implemented several […]

  • Uptown Charlotte, NC Parking Supply and Demand Inventory

    2015–2016 Uptown Charlotte is one of the fastest growing urban cores in the nation, yet it maintains some of the lowest meter rates in the country at $1 per hour. The city is currently beginning efforts to improve management of parking, and Lancaster worked with Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) to conduct a detailed analysis […]

  • Portland Centers and Corridors Parking Study

    2015 As a key piece of the City of Portland’s ongoing efforts to improve parking management, the Centers and Corridors study explored parking in five areas around the city that were similar in some respects but distinctly different in others. Two study areas–Hollywood Town Center and St. John’s Town Center–looked at parking in mixed use, […]

  • City of Washougal Concurrency Standards and On-Call Engineering

    Ongoing For the past 12 years, Lancaster has provided on-call services to the City of Washougal, Washington, including a blend of development review services and assistance with revising code sections, policies, and programs. As part of this work, Lancaster helped the City develop their existing concurrency requirements and tests. Our recent work includes the Washougal’s Transportation […]

  • Central City Portland Parking Demand Analysis

    2014–2015 Working with the City of Portland, Lancaster conducted a detailed study of supply and demand of on-street parking throughout the central city. The project study area consisted of approximately 300 block faces organized into 17 walking routes. Parking supply data collected included numbers of stalls, stall types, maximum time stays, and other relevant parameters. […]